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Nest TV: Getting Into Screenwriting

Nest Space is the coolest co-working spot for creatives in the Bournemouth area. I’ve been using one of their desks since they launched in September 2013 (part-time, just to dip my toe in the water) but have loved it so much, I’m now a full-time member. The guys who run it are a fun and…... Read more

Blog Tour: Jonathan Harvey

On Sally Abbott’s guest blog last week, she tagged screenwriter Jonathan Harvey to take on the ‘blog tour’ where writers share what they’re working on and how they go about it. Jonathan’s a prolific writer across film and TV (Beautiful Thing, a gazilion episodes of Corrie etc). Here are his answers to the four key…... Read more

Blog Tour: Sally Abbott

Well, this is meta, or beta, or something post-modern and hip in the internet world. It’s Sally Abbott’s answers to the recent Blog Tour (about a writer’s working habits) only she doesn’t have a blog so she’s asked me to host her replies instead (you can follow Sally on Twitter HERE). More than happy to…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Debbie Moon

In this month’s podcast, myself and Tim went to London to attend a BAFTA children’s event (as part of our research for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?) and we bumped into Debbie Moon along the way, so we nabbed her for an interview. That’s the way it works around here, careful planning and organisation! But the…... Read more
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