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Making Nelson Nutmeg: Script Overview

I’ve blogged already about what we did to get Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg up and running, but here’s a video where I explain the script process so far, covering everything from brainstorming the idea, using index cards to map out a structure, writing a treatment, a beat sheet, and then finally write the script (&…... Read more

Making Nelson Nutmeg: Blackmagic 4K

It’s week 2 of our Kickstarter for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? It’s been a great start, currently 37% funded with 18 days to go. Thanks to all the Nutmeggers who have supported so far! This week, we’re going fully behind the scenes to share with you what we’ve been doing (and how to go about…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg: Kickstarter LIVE!

We’re LIVE on Kickstarer! Check out the video below for the full pitch! (if you’re reading this via the blog newsletter, click the blog post link to access) and VISIT OUR KICKSTARTER PAGE TO SHARE & SUPPORT! We’ve had a whirlwind weekend since we launched last Thursday. The main highlight was our open call casting…... Read more

Countdown to Kickstarter: Nelson Nutmeg!

If you follow me beyond the social media walls of this blog, then you’ll probably know that I’m making Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? – a kids’ film, for kids, with kids in the lead roles! I’m writing & directing this family epic with the mighty Tim Clague, and we’ve been doing a countdown to Kickstarter…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Wildseed Studios

In this month’s podcast, Tim chats to Jesse Cleverly, one of the top bods at Wildseed Studios, a relatively new outfit that’s dedicated to giving you £10k to develop and produce your creative project. Check out Wildseed Studios’ website for more details, and of course, listen to the podcast below. Tim and I are hard…... Read more
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