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Writing For Hollywood

In this special UK Scriptwriters podcast, we chat to Tim John about his seven year spell in Hollywood, writing for film stars such as Schwarzenegger and Bill Murray, and how his family tried to settle into that bizarre part of America known as La-la land… Tim’s written a book about his adventures, which you can…... Read more

Whose Scene Is It?

Re-post from old blog (Narrative Point-of-View) which came to mind (and has been handy) as me & Tim go through the latest draft of Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? — In the development process, it’s not uncommon to be told that the story should be from your hero’s point-of-view. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the…... Read more

Six Steps To Be A Screenwriter

(photo source) A re-post/update from my old blog. ‘How do you become a screenwriter?’ is a question I get asked a lot. It’s not the most incisive or challenging of questions, is it? There’s probably a subtext to it (‘how do I break in as a screenwriter’ rather than ‘how do I start’, or ‘I’ve…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg: Kickstarter Tips

We did it! 112% funded. 266 Nutmeggers. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE who got behind us, it really means a lot. As the run of Kickstarter is still fresh in my mind, I thought it would be useful to jot down some pointers and stuff wot I learnt whilst annoying everyone maintaining a Kickstarter…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg: 5 Nutty Facts!

The live Kickstarter campaign for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg is coming to a close in 46 hours (at time of press). By the time you read this, it may only have minutes left, so I thought I’d do a blog post now to give you a little heads up on how NUTTILY AWESOME THIS PROJECT…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg: 3 days to go!

We hit our Kickstarter target for “Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?” yesterday! YES, THANK YOU, GET IN THERE! Really delighted with this, especially with three days to go on the campaign. I did a little bit of crowd funding via the blog for my short film Origin back in 2009, but a Kickstarter campaign is a…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg: 9 Days To Go!

At time of writing, our Kickstarter campaign for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? has 184 backers (!), it’s 52% funded and there’s only 9 DAYS TO GO to reach our target. So, if you were intending to donate but haven’t had the chance yet, then now’s the time to do it! We’re very close to finalising…... Read more
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