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UK Scriptwriters Survival Guide

In the latest UK Scriptwriters podcast, we talk about our upcoming UK Scriptwriters Survival Guide. It’s a new book (coming soon) that we’ve compiled from our years of blogging, podcasts, meetings, conferences and overall experience – a definitive list of what you can do to start earning money as a writer, and how to maintain…... Read more

Who invented the screenplay?

James Schamus, in his BAFTA lecture last September, explains who invented the screenplay as we know it, and why. You can read the full transcript here or listen to the podcast lecture here. “Thomas Ince, I don’t know if anyone remembers him now, was one of the most important people in the history of cinema.…... Read more

The key to effective change

Last year, I blogged 5 Tips To Keep Your Writing Resolutions. It occurred to me that these types of breakdowns can provide some perspective and motivation but perhaps don’t have any lasting effect on what you want to do in order to see real change. And maybe that’s the problem with New Year Resolutions in…... Read more
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