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Nelson Nutmeg, 2nd teaser!

The second official teaser for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is here. MEET THE GANG! Our fab cast: Loretta Walsh (Billie), JJ Brown (Shiv), Hattie Gotobed (The Colonel), James Walsh (Woody), Jonah Alexander (Swindon). Click here if the video’s not showing up on your browser. More teasers to come, and of course, the full official trailer.…... Read more

Daredevil Fights

There’s a scene in the original Daredevil film (starring Ben Affleck) where he fights a lot of men in a bar (best video link I could find!). Story wise, if memory serves, it’s the first significant time he’s ventured out as his alter-ego, so the audience is a little invested to see how it goes.…... Read more

Writing For Thunderbirds

Did you see Thunderbirds Are Go! over the weekend? Thunderbirds Are WOW, more like. It’s a brilliant blend of live-action model sets and CGI characters, lovingly infused with the tone of the original 1960s series but given a suitable update for modern audiences. It’s extremely fast-paced, visual, funny and exciting, and I’m beside myself with…... Read more
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