BAFTA workshop for kids

Tim and I like to call ourselves ‘the Coen Brothers for kids’ in that we write, produce and direct kids/family films together. We also do talks and workshops together, most recently at the Cinemagic Festival after our riotous screening of Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?


Cinemagic screening in Dublin

This Friday (5th August), we’re hosting a Writing For The Big Screen shindig at BAFTA, exclusively for kids. It’s part of their Bugsy Malone 40th Celebrations (lots of cool screenings & events going on ). If you fancied coming along to our workshop (or know someone who might), feel free to share the link. Tickets are only a £10 so that’s a summer bargain right there, and it’s going to be lots of fun as we break down the essentials of story and what you need to know writing for the big screen.


‘The Coen Brothers for kids!’

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