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Make A Short Film?

This is from the old blog, back in 2010 fresh from one of my more substantial short film exploits, and re-posting here for general use. Nigel, one of the kind and generous souls who contributed to Origin, my award-winning short, has asked: what does one need to make a short film? Well, in this day…... Read more

Starting Out: Top 5 Advice!

There’s a new professional networking site called Hiive for those who work in the creative industries. In Hiive’s own words, they ‘offer a platform to showcase your work, find work, collaborate and get access to great courses’. They’ve asked me to blog advice to aspiring scriptwriters and filmmakers. Ha, the fools! Ahem, I mean, yes,…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Structure

Here’s the latest UK Scriptwriters podcast, where me and Tim talk about structure: does the 3-act template really work? what is Pixar’s Poker structure breakdown exactly? and so on. We also discuss how we used these structural methods to develop the script for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?   A quick reminder that there’s a couple…... Read more

Red Planet Prize 2014: WINNERS!

In amongst my excitement of filming Nelson Nutmeg, I was also lucky to be part of the Red Planet Prize jury process (for those unaware, I helped set up this great scheme back in 2007). Since its inception, the competition has expanded to include Kudos Film & TV as they, along with Tony Jordan’s Red…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg: It’s A Wrap!

Here’s me and Tim on the last day of filming Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? with a special thank you to everyone who’s helped us make this nutty project. It truly has been a special experience. We had such a laugh with our amazing cast of kids, and we couldn’t have asked for a better crew…... Read more

Bonnie Wright joins Nelson Nutmeg!

EXCITERAMA! Bonnie Wright, aka Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter, joins the cast of “Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?” Here we are trying to share the news with the main cast of kids (video link HERE if it doesn’t show up on your browser/mobile device etc). Our last week of filming begins on Saturday. We’re very excited!…... Read more


Tim Clague and I get asked a lot about why we’re co-directing “Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?“. People seem interested (read: dubious) as to how we do it, and how it can possibly work. Co-directing is not a new concept of course, and there are some very high profile co-directors who do just fine (e.g. Coen…... Read more

Out of site

I’ve been having problems with my site recently. First, I couldn’t access the dashboard to update the blog. Now, I can access the dashboard but can’t load the site! Very strange. It’s been tedious and frustrating. Go Daddy will soon be Gone Daddy. I’m not even sure if this post will make it live on…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Writing & Directing

We missed last month’s UK Scriptwriters podcast because we were knee-deep in the first week of filming for “Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?” We’re now a third of the way through the shoot so on the way home from location last weekend, Tim took out his portable sound equipment and we recorded a podcast on the…... Read more


As a script reader, it is easy to sit in the comfort of your home (or office desk), and cast a weary eye over someone’s script. Even if that script is written by a top professional writer, and is clearly a GOOD script, it’s still easier to point out the faults than celebrate the quality.…... Read more
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