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Discounts! Writing Web Series & Writing for Kids TV

** PLUGGING COURSES BEGINS ** I’m hosting a couple of courses/workshops in May and June, and thought they might tickle your fancy. First up is ‘Net Profit: Make Your Own Web Show’, which I co-host with writer/comedian Dave Cohen. We launched this one-day course last year to great success so now it’s back to share […]... Read more

What is narrative clarity?

This is a post from my old blog but giving it a re-up here in case it’s of interest, talking about feature scripts but applies to TV, too. — Ah, the joys of script reading. Script after script after script, report after report after report. As soon as you get into the reading routine, you […]... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg: Script to Screen

You may have seen me mention “Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?” the kids’ film I’m making this year with my good friend & colleague Tim Clague. We’re joining forces to co-write & co-direct (Coen Bros style!) as we feel it’s the best use of our resources and network to actually get a feature film in the […]... Read more

Tax Expenses for Screenwriters

As the new tax year looms, here’s a handy list of tax expenses for screenwriters: Expenses for Screenwriters: Consumables/materials Rechargeable expenses Agent’s commission Sub-contracts/assistants Secretarial Office/studio overheads (even rehearsal room hire) Repairs/renewals of equipment Computer costs Scripts/books/trade journals (incl subscriptions) Telephone (75%) Mobile phone Internet services Printing/postage/stationery Insurance Motor expenses (75%) Hire purchase interest on […]... Read more

Red Planet Prize 2nd round

I’ll blog in more detail about this year’s Red Planet Prize at a later date but everyone should have heard about their script and whether it through to the next stage. We had around 1300 entries this year and we had a slightly different set-up so we went through a longlist of ten pages TWICE […]... Read more

Blog Tour: Four Questions

The mighty Phill Barron tagged me in ‘The Blog Tour’ that’s going around, in which everyone gets asked the same four questions of the creative navel-gazing variety, and tags three other people to do the same on their blogs. SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO: 1) What am I working on? *checks Non-Disclosure Agreements* Nothing! Not a […]... Read more

Writing for Octonauts

I wrote a couple of Octonauts two years ago, actually nearly THREE years ago now. I’ve been dying to see them – Octonauts is a great show – and in a neat twist of luck, they’re both on this week, Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th March, maybe you’d like to check them out. On Tuesday […]... Read more

Irony of Character

As we get closer to choosing scripts for the next round of this year’s Red Planet Prize, I thought it would be useful to go over what makes a good TV series idea. Does it have that golden ingredient: ‘irony of character’? Let me explainz. — At a Red Planet Prize workshop, Tony Jordan mentioned […]... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: New Talent & New Projects

Tim and I discuss the recent ‘new talent-gate’ issue (Tim acts as Devil’s Advocate in favour of the original gripe), but the discussion helps to highlight just how proactive you need to be at every stage of your career. With that in mind, we announce our exciting new joint project we’re making this year: Who […]... Read more

What’s New Talent?

On Twitter, I got asked this: @ScriptwritingUK is it right for a professional to participate in a screenwriting event created for amateurs? — Steve N. Evans (@snegags) February 20, 2014 At first, I didn’t know what he was talking about but I soon discovered it was in reply to the news that I had made […]... Read more
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