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UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Mental Health For Writers

If you subscribe to this blog (thank you), you’ll have seen my recent personal post (as a subscriber exclusive) about the challenges of mental health as a writer. This is an important topic, so I brought it up with Tim for the latest edition of the podcast, click here or listen below. Further down is…... Read more

Finding Your Original Voice

As a new writer, how do you know what your original voice is? And once you get it, will it stay consistent, or will your voice break and develop into something else? In some of the scripts I read, they come across as an imitation of someone else’s voice. This is not to say that…... Read more

Frolleague Inspiration

Every now and then it’s good to stop and look around you, and check out what your friends/colleagues are doing the utter bastards for inspiration. Or ‘frolleagues’, as I like to call them. First up, Jason Arnopp has written a fiendishly entertaining book called The Last Days of Jack Sparks about a celebrity journo who…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Ask The Agent

In this month’s UK Scriptwriters Podcast, me and Tim chat with agent Jean Kitson from Kitson Press Associates, asking if you really need an agent? What do they do anyway? What are YOU supposed to do when you get one? Jean answers them all in a candid and constructive manner, a swift half hour of…... Read more

Stranger Things: Characterisation & Structure

Stranger Things has happened. The eight-part supernatural thriller arrived on Netflix in July. In bingewatch terms, that’s like, 2 years ago now. The series – about a boy who mysteriously disappears in a small Indiana town – quickly established itself as a cult phenomenon thanks to its 80s homage aesthetic. The internet fanbase couldn’t get…... Read more

Red Planet Prize 2016 Winner!

PERCENTAGES by Tom Nash. A dark and compelling drama, Percentages delves into the pulsating world of professional football, telling the story of both the lives of the young sports stars and their ruthless, business-minded agents. Huge congratulations to Tom! Read more about Tom and his winning script here. It’s been another exciting year for the…... Read more

Turning It Up To Eleven

The blog is eleven years old! I started way back in August 2005, and though blogging doesn’t seem as popular as it was in the heyday of the mid-late 00s, it’s still a meatier and more enjoyable way to pass the time online. Still, there seems to be a helluva lot more screenwriting noise demanding…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Writing/Directing Your Debut

Making low budget indie films may be more achievable than ever before but there are still a good deal of risks and challenges involved. Here, we speak to Dan Pringle, writer/director of new horror/thriller K Shop, and Suki Singh, writer/director of Lynchian-noir, Emulsion, on how they tackled their debut feature. Click on the link to…... Read more

BAFTA workshop for kids

Tim and I like to call ourselves ‘the Coen Brothers for kids’ in that we write, produce and direct kids/family films together. We also do talks and workshops together, most recently at the Cinemagic Festival after our riotous screening of Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?   This Friday (5th August), we’re hosting a Writing For The…... Read more

Getting In The Tone Zone

When you get a chance to pitch or write for a TV show, one of the most important things (if not THE most important thing) is to get the tone right. This can be especially difficult if it’s a brand new show and the tone is still in flux (you may get general guides as…... Read more
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