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Writing Videos

I’ve been tinkering with some quick-hit writing videos, trying to make them condensed & to-the-point so that hopefully they provide some use across your various and busy social media feeds. You may have seen my inaugural video (top 5 tips for the 1st ten pages of your scripts), but I’ve done two since: Screenwriting Career…... Read more

Top 5 Tips: 1st Ten Pages Of Your Script

Erstwhile on the blog, I did a series of posts on the topic of the 1st ten pages of your script here. It was targeted for those preparing to submit to that year’s Red Planet Prize (focusing on TV scripts) so I thought it would be useful to update/round it up so that it’s more…... Read more

12th Blogoversary

Well now, the blog’s 12 years old. But I’m still young of course, haven’t aged a day, ‘you look amazing, who does your hair’, I’ll never tell. A lot’s happened over the years, most of which I’ve chronicled on the blog, from an industry script reader making the transition as a new writer, to getting…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Justin Trefgarne

We’ve got an epic podcast for you this month as I chat to Justin Trefgarne about his experience as a development executive at Working Title, going freelance as a writer/director and the trials, tribs & triumphs of making his debut feature Narcopolis. Justin is, as ever, remarkably passionate, insightful and honest, so this is a…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Business of Being a Writer

June 2017: in this month’s UK Scriptwriters Podcast, Tim and I chat about effective networking and the business of being a writer, plus there’s exciting news on a new film festival called Short Sounds which is coming in October, check it out. Listen to the podcast with this link or via the embed below. UK…... Read more


Last year, I blogged about ‘a writer’s fitness regime’ in where I broke down some simple steps you could take on the road to fitness. I started taking these steps myself around 2007 (after years of back trouble) and I’ve gradually worked my way towards respectable form again. For me it’s all about fitness, not…... Read more

Cannes 2017: Day 5

On our last full day at the festival, the news of the Manchester bombing fills the headlines, which puts us in sombre mood. It’s easy to get into a fishbowl existence at Cannes, where nothing really matters outside of what you’re doing along the Croisette, so the grim news from home puts everything in perspective…... Read more

Cannes 2017: Day 4

Is it day 4 already? All sense of time and relative dimension is lost amongst the hubbub of Cannes. New to the round-up? Day 1 here, day 2 ici, day 3 et voila. It’s at this stage that I realise that this year’s diary is pretty much exactly the same run down as last year’s,…... Read more

Cannes 2017: Day 3

Cannes 2017 diary Day 1 here, Day 2 here. Despite our quite frankly amateur drinking session the night before (mixing champagne, cocktails, beer and wine) we’re up bright eyed and bushy tailed for our first meeting of the day, which turns out to be a networking tennis event with a financing company. Alas, we’re not…... Read more

Cannes 2017: Day 2

Our official day 2 (Tim’s insistent it’s only day 1 but that was here) begins with a bit of a false start as our first meeting fails to show up AT THEIR OWN STAND. Is this a Cannes first? Someone not turning up at the place they’ve actually paid to allocate as their space? It’s…... Read more
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