Cannes 2016: Day 2

READ THE FULL CANNES DIARY 2016: DAY 1 (Early Start), DAY 2 (Shorts & Sandals), DAY 3 (Friendly Faces), DAY 4 (Rogue Snorers), DAY 5 (Tim’s Triple Burger), DAY 6 (Script Deadline)


Friday 13th May: Up at 7.30am and immediately start writing in my bed so I can continue towards my weekend  deadline. It’s coming along nicely. It’s a rewrite for a film that starts shooting in the summer. There’s still one or two things I want to fix/add in the 2nd act, but it’s all on track. At 9.30am it’s time for a breakfast briefing with Tim to chat about the day’s schedule, which is wall-to-wall meetings. I’m optimistic about the weather so I’m dressed in shorts, sandals & sleeveless shirt. Watch out Cannes, here comes the pasty white Irish guy!

We rock on down to the Croisette and have our first meeting with a Dutch distribution company. We then head over to the International Village (Pantiero side) and have a great chat with a Catalan company. We whiz to the UK pavilion for more meetings and informal chats, which takes us past lunch. We manage to grab a quick sandwich before our next meeting, and head back to the UK pavilion (a handy meeting point; don’t forget the free tea and biscuits!). Then it’s across the Croisette to the Carlton, and a freshly squeezed orange juice on the balcony, thank you very much. Luckily (and rather graciously), the Aussie producers we’re meeting pay the bill. Tim managed a glimpse, and the orange juice must have been around €15. Bienvenue a Cannes.

The weather’s been fairly cool so not exactly shorts & sandals, so after our last meeting of the day I head back to the apartment to change into more suitable attire. Then I return to the pavilions for happy hour. The Indian tent is having a drinks reception, and that’s where I reunite with Tim and Suki as well as a few other new faces.

The Sukimeister

We move to the Old Town for dinner, then slide on over to The Grand for a drink. I bump into Stephen Fingleton, the writer/director of The Survivalist, whom I last saw at the press launch of the London Film Festival when we were waiting to be interviewed. He’s in flying form, as his film has been a storming success, and he signs a DVD copy of the film for uber-fan Dan Pringle, who coincidentally shares Stephen’s distributor with his own blistering debut, K-Shop.

We re-locate all of 200 yards behind The Grand and join the throng at the Petit Majestic, a small bar on a street corner that has becomes a Cannes hotspot. I finally get to catch up with THE Jamie Lee-Hill, who’s fresh from attending the premiere of Ken Loach’s latest film, for which Jamie is gushing with praise. We meet a few other industry folk who are buzzing around, but then Tim and I call it a night. Back to the apartment we go, to rest and prepare for round 3 of Cannes that starts bright and early.


READ THE FULL CANNES DIARY 2016: DAY 1 (Early Start), DAY 2 (Shorts & Sandals), DAY 3 (Friendly Faces), DAY 4 (Rogue Snorers), DAY 5 (Tim’s Triple Burger), DAY 6 (Script Deadline)


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