Cannes 2016: Day 3

READ THE FULL CANNES DIARY 2016: DAY 1 (Early Start), DAY 2 (Shorts & Sandals), DAY 3 (Friendly Faces), DAY 4 (Rogue Snorers), DAY 5 (Tim’s Triple Burger), DAY 6 (Script Deadline)


Saturday 14th May: Can’t sleep after only a few hours’ kip. It’s around 6am. Decide to crack on with writing, make some hay while the sun rises. Manage to get around to the end of act two, and with act three nicely lined up, it feels like solid progress. A couple of hours later, it’s time for the breakfast briefing with Tim where we go through who we’re meeting, what we’re likely to talk about and how we’re going to pitch ourselves. Once set, we head into town.

Our first meeting is a brief one in the lobby of the Marriott hotel with a producer who seems more interested in the potential celebs passing by than what we have to say (‘see that girl there, that’s Johnny Depp’s daughter’). But that’s OK. We’ve learned that meetings take a particular pattern: (1) the brief and polite (2) the positive but generic chat (3) the surprisingly rewarding. Our next meeting is the surprisingly rewarding as well as being positive but generic chat. A win all round.

To bring us back down to Earth, the next meeting lasts about 10 minutes – the (extremely) brief and polite category. And then to follow, we’re left waiting for a while, and then fobbed off to a junior sales person who’s brief and polite. Afterwards, we’re given a suitable lift when we say hello to TriCoast Worldwide, our American distributors for Nelson Nutmeg, who ARE EXTREMELY PLEASED TO SEE US and SO EXCITED ABOUT THE FILM. The Americans know how to do enthusiasm.

Our last meeting of the day is a fun chat with a couple of Finnish producers, which turns into a bit of a social at the Dominican Republic pavilion. It’s cold and raining at this point, so I head back to the flat to get a shirt and jacket. By the time I’m going back into town, it’s warmer than when I left it; I’ve yet to crack this Cannes weather. I reunite with Tim and a few other industry chums, and we go to dinner where I devour a cheeseburger (I’ve walked about 5 miles+ at this point). Our dinner companions head off for a villa party but myself and Tim decide to stay local, and have a nightcap at the Petit Majestic (see day 2). We bump into Oliver Purches – very unexpectedly but it’s great to see him – and it extends the evening nicely. But we still go home fairly early; me to work and complete my deadline, Tim because he’s an old git. Here he is, signing a copy of our book for a fan in the UK pavilion. Legend in his own lunchtime.

READ THE FULL CANNES DIARY 2016: DAY 1 (Early Start), DAY 2 (Shorts & Sandals), DAY 3 (Friendly Faces), DAY 4 (Rogue Snorers), DAY 5 (Tim’s Triple Burger), DAY 6 (Script Deadline)


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