Cannes 2016: Day 4

READ THE FULL CANNES DIARY 2016: DAY 1 (Early Start), DAY 2 (Shorts & Sandals), DAY 3 (Friendly Faces), DAY 4 (Rogue Snorers), DAY 5 (Tim’s Triple Burger), DAY 6 (Script Deadline)


Sunday 15th May: Up at 7am to edge closer to finishing my script deadline. There’s the 3rd act showdown to go, and a review of the script from start to finish to check for general flow and consistency. Cannes comes calling, and after our routine breakfast briefing, Tim and I head down to the Croisette.

It’s a full-on day today but luckily, most of our meetings are in the UK pavilion. Once we find a table for our 12pm slot, we stay there until 3pm, even managing to have lunch while we pitch and chat. This helps a lot because there’s no to-ing and fro-ing from place to place, which can deplete our energy. Cannes is fairly tiring anyway so not having to walk around (and it’s hot today) is a bonus. We head to the Riviera section in the Palais for a couple of meetings, and we have a chat with sales agents Evolutionary Films where they’re pointing everyone towards our film. Then it’s back to the UK pavilion for our final appointment of the day.

It’s time for happy hour. Typically around 5pm or 6pm, a pavilion or two will have a free drinks reception. We decide to head to Sweden as there’s a good vibe about that place, but en route we stop off in Serbia. Tim indulges in a fierce shot of alcohol that we fail to identify but Tim breathes fire for the next half an hour. Regretfully, there’s no beer in the Serbian tent. We need to quench our thirst so we move on down to the Swedish pavilion. They’re serving cocktails as well as beers; classy. We have a fun chat with a Swedish producer who knows everyone around the tent, and she points people out one by one to share some gossipy tidbits. She introduces me to a programmer at a family film festival, that actually turned down Nelson Nutmeg. Once he realises I made the film, he shifts awkwardly, trying to explain that he didn’t actually watch Nutmeg or make the decision. I’m just happy to meet and chat with him. He introduces me to the head programmer. I tell her I make live-action family films in the UK. She says ‘oh we usually love those!’ The other guy ducks away.

Happy hour comes to an end at 7pm. It’s time for dinner. A good group of us make it to Warner Café. Tim delights/inspires/distresses everyone (delete where appropriate) when he polishes off a massive triple burger that has to be held together with a foot-long skewer (note to Lyn: he’s been getting lots of walking exercise). Afterwards, some go home to prepare for the party at the American pavilion. We go to the Petit Majestic for a drink where we chat with Clem, a podcast listener, who’s got a film in the Short Film Corner (hi Clem!). Then we mosey on down to the American pavilion ourselves. There’s a queue to get in, and the queue doesn’t move for 15 minutes. So we decide to knock it on the head, and we go home instead of partying. We’re the Cannes squares, but we don’t mind. We’ve got work in the morning.

Back at the flat, we’ve got a guest lodger in our apartment, producer Phil. He’s bunking in with me but unfortunately, Phil snores like a demon. Tim’s no better so we try to figure out what to do. In the end, Tim moves his bed into the kitchen (!) while I kip in the lounge and we all manage to get some sleep. That’s so Cannes.


READ THE FULL CANNES DIARY 2016: DAY 1 (Early Start), DAY 2 (Shorts & Sandals), DAY 3 (Friendly Faces), DAY 4 (Rogue Snorers), DAY 5 (Tim’s Triple Burger), DAY 6 (Script Deadline)


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