Cannes 2016: Day 5

Monday 16th May: Script deadline day! As usual, dive into it first thing in the morning, and I go through the script from start to finish. I hit ‘send’. Not the most ideal time for a deadline, admittedly, but they sprung it on me this week (and knew I was going to Cannes) and I wanted to get it done. Ironically, it was fun to do, as it added a neat focus for the Cannes vibe.

In Cannes, today is even busier than yesterday, meeting-wise, but we’re walking around a bit more, moving back and forth between the pavilions and the hotels. As we walk by the Palais, various hopefuls hold up pleading signs for any spare tickets for the big titles playing at the festival. One of the hopefuls shouts my name. Quest-ce que c’est? It’s only Paul, a guy we know from Poole. Turns out he’s a Cannes regular, but as a punter. It feels like a huge coincidnece to bump into him in this way, but great fun obviously.

We’re meeting a lot of Euro producers today (the kids/family film genre is huge in Europe), and we have many positive chats. We try to meet a Polish producer but we go to the wrong place, then eventually find him at the Grand hotel on the 9th floor. The lift doesn’t seem to be working so we walk up the stairs, a half hour late. The producer doesn’t seem to mind though, and he gets excited when we tell him our ideas. We’re now late for our next meeting, back at the European pavilion but luckily once we get there our next three meetings are in the same place, so we can sit down and relax a bit.

At the end of the day, we say hello to the Irish film pavilion and head, once again, to the Swedish tent. It’s situated in the International Village section, where it’s very busy this evening with lots of drinking receptions. So we hop around from place to place, taking advantage of their hospitality. It’s our last night in Cannes so the Bournemouth posse meet up for dinner: me, Tim, Suki Singh, Dan Pringle, Adam Merrifield and THE Jamie-Lee Hill.

Afterwards we chill out at the Grand hotel and then have our regular check-in with the Petit Majestic. Everyone’s still abuzz about Tim’s epic triple burger the night before, even people we don’t know as news/photos of this event spreads across the internet. Want to go viral? Just eat a triple burger, simple!

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