Cannes 2016: Day 6

Tuesday 17th May: No script deadline, wahey! Surely a sleep-in is in order? Not really. If anything, we’re up even earlier because it’s our last day and we’re checking out of the hotel (got to pack), and we’ve a meeting at 10am. Once we’re ready, we want to leave our luggage somewhere instead of dragging it around all day. The festival provides a left luggage place, which is terrific because it’s (a) free (b) no pre-booking or registration is required, which means it’s (c) simple. Merci a vous, Cannes!

We head on over to our meeting by the Grand hotel, spot on time, but when we get there we’re told that the exec has to dash off to another meeting. This would be bad form on any other given day but to the exec’s credit, she did email (while we were fussing with our luggage) AND left a hand-written note of apology promising to catch up another time. So it doesn’t feel like a snub. Instead, we make use of the free moment by having a great petit de jeuner (breakfast) at a nice café away from the hubbub of the festival.

Our next meeting is back at the Grand. But uh-oh, there’s no sign of the exec at all. Oh dear. After four days of near faultless back-to-back meetings, we’re having a bit of a falter on our final day. Tim manages to email the missing exec. She says the appointment’s not in her schedule. Tim reminds her that they arranged it directly together, and 5 minutes later, she arrives with breathless apology. It could have been really awkward but the meeting turns into a positive chat about how we could potentially work together. Bon, allez!

We stay near the Grand again for our final meeting of the festival. It lasts all of five minutes. Fast, but effective: the exec flicks through our slate, listens to our spiel, and tells us which project he’s interested in, and requests to see the script. That’s it, thanks for calling. Bish bosh done, no worries.

Time to relax, finally. We relocate to the UK pavilion to see some friendly faces and say goodbye. We even go to the Swedish pavilion at 5pm for a quick farewell drink. Then, we collect our bags, get the bus to the airport, and that’s it, we’re done, we’re off.

It was a very productive few days, with an extremely focused schedule. No time to hang around or treat it as a jolly. There’s lots of fun to be had, obviously, and it’s impossible not to, but we wanted to make the most out of our time. We’ve got positive leads and lots of exciting opportunities ahead. If you ever fancied the festival yourself, then Cannes is well worth a visit especially if you want to make some useful contacts, enjoy the buzz and get inspired.

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