Cannes 2017: Day 3

Cannes 2017 diary Day 1 here, Day 2 here.

Despite our quite frankly amateur drinking session the night before (mixing champagne, cocktails, beer and wine) we’re up bright eyed and bushy tailed for our first meeting of the day, which turns out to be a networking tennis event with a financing company. Alas, we’re not suitably attired to show off our amazing skills on the court, so we sit down to talk SEIS.

SEIS is the theme of the day as most of our meetings revolve around this area of potential funding for our next film (it’s a government scheme to encourage small investments up to £150k spend). We have a good chat by the tennis court but it’s game set and match already as we have to head to the pavilions to meet and greet – a Canadian producer, a UK producer, a German financer, and an Irish producing duo. All great chats but OUR BEST MEETING OF THE DAY comes when we reunite with the amazing Justine Wentzell from Marvista Entertainment. We met her last year, and she’s a like-minded soul who loves kids/family films. We catch up with a paddle in the sea, away from the bustle of the pavilions; now that’s the way to network.

It’s time to move on as we’ve more meetings crammed in and friendly faces to bump into. We head to Sweden again for happy hour and have our final meeting of the day where we chat SEIS once more. We come away with a veritable green light for our next film, which sends us into the Cannes night with a smile on our faces. All TBC of course, but shur, isn’t everything.

We bump into James Newton, director of 2:Hrs, and living legend Ross Boyask, so we grab a drink in an Irish pub, although I’m actually having an AFD (alcohol free day) after last night’s hijinks. We then head to dinner to catch up with a producer we met last year who wants to pick our brains about a kids’ film he’s currently making (never done one before), and we pass on all our pearly pearls. It’s been another long day and we’re pretty knackered so we slowly head back to the flat soaking up the late night Cannes vibe as we go. There’s no let up though, tomorrow’s another full-on back-to-back schedule. Let’s do it.




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