Cannes 2017: Day 5

On our last full day at the festival, the news of the Manchester bombing fills the headlines, which puts us in sombre mood. It’s easy to get into a fishbowl existence at Cannes, where nothing really matters outside of what you’re doing along the Croisette, so the grim news from home puts everything in perspective about what’s really important in life. Fittingly, the festival holds a one minute silence which is respectfully observed and provides a nice quiet moment of reflection amongst all the industry chatter.

And it’s all go, go, go as usual. At least for us. We’re packing in our schedule, this time moving back and forth from the Palais, the pavilions and the hotels for our day of meets. It keeps us moving and the day proceeds with a positive strut. I get excited as we bump into legendary film critic Derek Malcolm, who’s on his 40th Cannes or something ridiculous, but he looks the part (he’s in his 80s!) and not at all jaded about the films/experience.

Our last two meetings are at The Grand hotel and I accidentally combine them into one so we have them at the same time – a bit of fun crossover especially as we’re all talking family films. This could have been really awkward but actually it works out neatly and rounds off our day nicely. Time for a beer and a debrief, and we catch up properly with our hero Steve McCarten who’s prepping a screening of his short/proof of concept film Faithless. We head to the Old Town for a bit of grub and then stroll back to The Grand for an indulgent pint (€45 for 3 pints of Carlsberg) before heading to the Petit Majestic for slightly more reasonable prices (€22.50 for 3 pints of Heineken). We have a few chats with random industry delegates then head home, all very respectable.

This brings our Cannes trip essentially to a close. It’s Wednesday morning as I type and we’ve got one meeting left as well as going to Steve’s screening before we head to the airport. It’s been a positive festival for us and hopefully some of the exciting conversations can turn into tangible realities. So the hustle doesn’t stop here, it’s all about the ongoing contact and budding relationships. Let’s go to work.




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