Cannes 2017: Day 4

Is it day 4 already? All sense of time and relative dimension is lost amongst the hubbub of Cannes. New to the round-up? Day 1 here, day 2 ici, day 3 et voila.

It’s at this stage that I realise that this year’s diary is pretty much exactly the same run down as last year’s, just with different names and places. But we’re of the opinion that if you’re not pushing your Cannes experience to the brink of exhaustive networking, then you’re not doing it right. You’re still going to have a good time no matter what, so you might as well maximise the opportunities and contacts wherever and whenever you can.

Today, we repeat a trick we did last year in that we line up most of our meetings at the UK pavilion, which means that once we bag a table, it’s ours for the next four or five hours. Whilst this is a smart tactic, I actually miss some of the buzz of having to go back and forth up the Croisette from meeting to meeting. Still, we’ve been racking up 12,000 steps each over the last couple of days (around 5 miles) so it’s time to take it easy. Tim makes me laugh when he crouches down at one point to stretch but his knees crack like a cheap plastic cup…

It’s easy to be seduced by the positivity and buzz of Cannes, in terms of networking and the meetings, but it’s important to keep a practical and reasonable overview of what’s actually going on. When someone says ‘yes, we’ve got £2million for your film, let’s do a deal’, it might seem like the answer to your low budget prayers but really it means nothing if the follow up (apres Cannes) isn’t of the same vigour. Everyone’s there to do their job, and to look and sound like they know what they’re doing, but a lot of it is all talk when it comes down to it. Turning the talk into action is down to two things: your experience/profile and existing relationship with the person doing the deal. Because once the enthusiasm of the festival dies down, most of the excitable expectation reverts to the routine of waiting for people to get back to you or never hearing from them again. Or that could be just us.

On the upside, there seems to be a knowledgeable response to our work and what we’re trying to do. We encounter plenty more UK folk interested in kids/family films, which wasn’t the case at all last year. So some of my weary industry cynicism starts to diminish due to the more positive meets we have, and we actually seem to be in a strong position to push our next film forward.

And because we’re mainly in the UK pavilion all day, I don’t get a chance to take any interesting photos, so here’s another snap of me posing at the tennis networking event yesterday. Suck it up. See yiz tomorrow.

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