Cannes 2017: Key Prep

We’re off to Cannes on Friday so you can expect more diary blogs like last year (re-live the thrilling experience of triple burgers, script deadlines and rogue snorers here). By ‘we’, I mean me and Tim Clague. Regular readers will know that we wrote, produced and directed Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? together and it proved to be such an enjoyable/successful experience, we’re continuing with the co-director schtick. Some call us the Coen Brothers for kids! OK, we’ve called ourselves that.

Anyway, in preparation for Cannes, what we like to do is hit Cinando hard and try to set up as many meetings as possible. Cinando is the Cannes database of everyone who’s heading to the Croisette this year as well as a handy list of everyone who has ever attended the festival. You get free access when you buy the market badge but otherwise there’s an annual (and quite reasonable) subscription fee. It’s very useful. Key movers and shakers that are typically untraceable online are suddenly reachable via Cinando.

You can also target your searches for genre, country and key words/activity, which helps us as we’re focusing so much on the kids/family genre. We made a list of around 300 likely producers / production companies and sent out approximately just as many emails asking if they’d like to meet.  It’s important to spread your reach this far as only a handful will reply or be able to meet (as their diaries get full quickly). We’ve got around 30 meetings lined up over our 4 day stretch, which seems to be about our average (we’re there for 6 days including departure and arrival, but 4 days for focused hustle/schmooze). These meetings can be hit and miss, but a lot of good contacts can be made and some interesting opportunities develop. We shall see!

I’ll be doing my regular Cannes diary from Friday, so be sure to come back then (check out last year’s diary from here). Bon, allez!



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