Cannes report: kids/family genre

If you follow this blog regularly, you’ll know I did a diary of my recent trip to Cannes with Tim Clague. We attended with our debut feature film, Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? (a live-action kids/family film), and to learn more about the family market, especially as this genre has a strong tradition in Europe. We always knew the UK was behind in the genre but our visit to Cannes fully revealed to us the paucity of films made in this country that are targeted for the kids/family audience.

We’ve written an industry report, based on what we learned in Cannes. In it, we outline the existing opportunities for writers and producers right now, how the European market leads the way, and look at the pros and cons of funding. You can read/download the report here.

We hope this report will stimulate passion and interest amongst like-minded people in the industry. Together, we can actively continue to improve the tradition of the family genre in the UK. Essentially, we’re looking forward to making more kids/family films, and not just talking about it. Who wants to join us?

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