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Cannes 2016: Day 6

Tuesday 17th May: No script deadline, wahey! Surely a sleep-in is in order? Not really. If anything, we’re up even earlier because it’s our last day and we’re checking out of the hotel (got to pack), and we’ve a meeting at 10am. Once we’re ready, we want to leave our luggage somewhere instead of dragging…... Read more

Cannes 2016: Day 5

Monday 16th May: Script deadline day! As usual, dive into it first thing in the morning, and I go through the script from start to finish. I hit ‘send’. Not the most ideal time for a deadline, admittedly, but they sprung it on me this week (and knew I was going to Cannes) and I…... Read more

Cannes 2016: Day 4

Sunday 15th May: Up at 7am to edge closer to finishing my script deadline. There’s the 3rd act showdown to go, and a review of the script from start to finish to check for general flow and consistency. Cannes comes calling, and after our routine breakfast briefing, Tim and I head down to the Croisette.…... Read more

Cannes 2016: Day 3

Saturday 14th May: Can’t sleep after only a few hours’ kip. It’s around 6am. Decide to crack on with writing, make some hay while the sun rises. Manage to get around to the end of act two, and with act three nicely lined up, it feels like solid progress. A couple of hours later, it’s…... Read more

Cannes 2016: Day 2

Friday 13th May: Up at 7.30am and immediately start writing in my bed so I can continue towards my weekend  deadline. It’s coming along nicely. It’s a rewrite for a film that starts shooting in the summer. There’s still one or two things I want to fix/add in the 2nd act, but it’s all on…... Read more

Cannes 2016: Day 1

Thursday 12th May: Alarm goes off at 1.30am. That’s 0130 hours. Ohmygod. I somehow drag myself out of bed, get dressed, have a cup of coffee and head over to collect Tim. By 2.15am, we’re on the road to Gatwick.  The road is empty, so much so that I barely recognise where I am in…... Read more

A Writer’s Fitness Regime

If there’s one thing a writer needs to stay on top of more than industry insights or secret tips on screenwriting craft, it’s fitness. Or, more accurately: health. Sitting hunched over a computer in excess of eight hours a day isn’t doing anyone any favours. You got to get up and move around. You got…... Read more

10 Tips For A Successful World Premiere!

It was the world premiere of Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? last Saturday.  It was absolutely fantastic. Here’s how my day went down, in classic Top 10 fashion: 1. Preparation Make sure you’ve got everything you need the night before. In my case, trying out the costume for Nelson Nutmeg (which hadn’t been worn since the…... Read more

London Film Festival launch breakdown

Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is going to have its world premiere at this year’s London Film Festival! We’re absolutely thrilled to be selected for such a prestigious festival, and last Tuesday I headed to London for the official launch. Here’s how it went down: 6:30am Up and at ’em! 7:20am On the train to London.…... Read more

10 Years of the Blog!

“This is all about my work as a scriptwriter/scriptreader and what it’s like and how I feel about it on a day to day basis.” That was how my very first post began on Friday 12th August in 2005. As I type, it’s Wednesday 12th August, 2015. Phew-wee. Tempus has fugited. When I started the…... Read more
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