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Nelson Nutmeg, OUT NOW!

The wait is over. Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is available to buy/rent/download RIGHT NOW via the following platforms: iTunes Amazon Google Sky Store ASDA DVD from 1st May There’s no excuse NOT to see it. If you don’t know what Nelson Nutmeg is, it’s me and Tim Clague’s debut family film (the making of which…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg In Cinemas!

Find out Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? at the cinema! We’re launching a mini-tour of the film around the UK, starting in Poole on Sunday 3rd April (naturally, the film was made entirely in Dorset after all), with more dates/venues to be confirmed. Here’s an all-new trailer to celebrate this exciting news! Here’s the best part:…... Read more

10 Tips For A Successful World Premiere!

It was the world premiere of Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? last Saturday.  It was absolutely fantastic. Here’s how my day went down, in classic Top 10 fashion: 1. Preparation Make sure you’ve got everything you need the night before. In my case, trying out the costume for Nelson Nutmeg (which hadn’t been worn since the…... Read more

Countdown to London Film Festival

The world premiere of Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? at the London Film Festival is less than a week away! I’ve obviously known about the premiere for a while but it’s only now that it’s beginning to sink in. Our silly little kids’ film made on a microbudget (last autumn!) is going to stand alongside the…... Read more

London Film Festival launch breakdown

Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is going to have its world premiere at this year’s London Film Festival! We’re absolutely thrilled to be selected for such a prestigious festival, and last Tuesday I headed to London for the official launch. Here’s how it went down: 6:30am Up and at ’em! 7:20am On the train to London.…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg: World Premiere!

In some amazingly nutty news, Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? will receive its world premiere at this year’s London Film Festival! Woo-hooo! To celebrate, here’s our first full main trailer (click link here or watch embed below). Keeping it on blog topic, here’s my top 10 tips on how to make your own debut feature, plus…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg: Co-Directing Breakdown

Shortly after shooting finished on Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg, I posted my top 6 reasons why me and Tim co-directed the film, and how we made it work. Well, here’s a quick behind the scenes video (below, or click the link here) which shows us in action. Plus, Tim’s done an extensive breakdown on his…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg update!

Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is a live-action family film I’ve written, produced & directed with Tim Clague (that’s us in the photo above, giddily excited at meeting Nelson Nutmeg for the very first time!). We did a Kickstarter, pooled all our resources, begged and borrowed, and got the film in the can by late summer…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg, 2nd teaser!

The second official teaser for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is here. MEET THE GANG! Our fab cast: Loretta Walsh (Billie), JJ Brown (Shiv), Hattie Gotobed (The Colonel), James Walsh (Woody), Jonah Alexander (Swindon). Click here if the video’s not showing up on your browser. More teasers to come, and of course, the full official trailer.…... Read more

Nelson Nutmeg Teaser!

The 1st look teaser for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is here! 40 seconds of drama, fun and intrigue! Click here if it’s not showing up on your browser or check out the vid below. More teasers coming soon, as well as the full official trailer of course. Main website, Facebook page and Twitter feed will…... Read more
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