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UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Nev Pierce

In this edition of the podcast, I chat to film journalist and filmmaker Nev Pierce about writing for film, interviewing Hollywood directors all over the world, how that influenced and inspired him in his short films to-date, and how he’s moving forward into the world of feature films. Recorded at BAFTA headquarters and it was…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Justin Trefgarne

We’ve got an epic podcast for you this month as I chat to Justin Trefgarne about his experience as a development executive at Working Title, going freelance as a writer/director and the trials, tribs & triumphs of making his debut feature Narcopolis. Justin is, as ever, remarkably passionate, insightful and honest, so this is a…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Business of Being a Writer

June 2017: in this month’s UK Scriptwriters Podcast, Tim and I chat about effective networking and the business of being a writer, plus there’s exciting news on a new film festival called Short Sounds which is coming in October, check it out. Listen to the podcast with this link or via the embed below. UK…... Read more

How To Get An Agent, 3 Key Tips!

(Psst: review/rate Nelson Nutmeg on Amazon, thanks!) The ultimate catch-22 of screenwriting: you want an agent. The agent’s not interested until you’ve got some work. But it’s incredibly difficult to get work without an agent. So what do you do? Here are 3 key tips (plus 2 podcasts and another blog link at the end!…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Writing Documentaries

In this month’s podcast, we chat to filmmaker Joe Martin about making documentaries, and specifically how screenwriting comes into play for the format/genre. Plus, Joe talks about making the transition into fiction with his debut feature ‘Us and Them‘ which had its world premiere at SXSX recently. Listen here or via the embed below. The…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Treehouse Digital

In the latest UK Scriptwriters Podcast, we chat to writing duo (and married couple), Natalie Conway & Pete Stanley-Ward. They’re part of the Treehouse Digital team, and they share their unique and fascinating journey from making their own DIY shorts, to making their debut feature, to the Creative England funded short Litterbugs, and maintaining their…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Mental Health For Writers

If you subscribe to this blog (thank you), you’ll have seen my recent personal post (as a subscriber exclusive) about the challenges of mental health as a writer. This is an important topic, so I brought it up with Tim for the latest edition of the podcast, click here or listen below. Further down is…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Mustapha Kseibati

In this month’s podcast, we speak to Mustapha Kseibati about his up-and-coming career as a UK filmmaker. Mustapha’s done a few industry-funded short films and TV specials, and is making his way into the world of feature films. Worth a listen! In other news, we were nominated for Best Vlogger/Podcast at the recent UK Blow…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: LIVE!

Last Monday, we did a live podcast! This new internet thing is amazing, it might just take off. The podcast was a lot of fun. We interacted with live questions about screenwriting and getting ahead in the biz, all with only minor technical hiccups. If you missed the whole shebang, you can listen to it…... Read more

Red Planet Prize: Tony Jordan interview!

The Red Planet Prize is the UK’s best TV opportunity for new writers (free to enter, get in there!). It’s run by Tony Jordan and his production company Red Planet Pictures. The deadline for the competition is this Friday so myself and Tim headed to Red Planet HQ for a special chat with Tony about…... Read more
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