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3 Things I’ve Learned Writing Hey Duggee

Hey Duggee won Best Pre-School Animation at the 2018 Children’s BAFTA Awards for the third time running! It also won Best Director for the genius that is Grant Orchard, and Best Digital for the Counting Badge. For those unaware, Hey Duggee is a charming and funny series that follows the adventures of five young animals as…... Read more

Guest Post: 5 Short Film Tips

Here’s a guest post from Phil Lowe: 5 top tips before you write a short film (based on his experience of his multi-award winning short The Driving Seat, which you can watch here or via the embed below. There’s a short BTS doc here & you can follow Phil on Twitter here). Take it away,…... Read more

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Nev Pierce

In this edition of the podcast, I chat to film journalist and filmmaker Nev Pierce about writing for film, interviewing Hollywood directors all over the world, how that influenced and inspired him in his short films to-date, and how he’s moving forward into the world of feature films. Recorded at BAFTA headquarters and it was…... Read more

The Five Elements Of A Good Story

Here’s the last video I did for 2017, called ‘The Five Elements Of A Good Story’. Transcript below, too, if you want to read instead of watch. I’ve done over a half dozen script videos so far, you can check them out or subscribe here. They’ve been fun to do with the intent of making…... Read more

How To Get An Agent: Top 5 Tips

Here’s a new video where me and Tim breakdown our top 5 tips on how to get an agent. There’s plenty more practical advice in our books The UK Scriptwriter’s Survival Handbook and Write A Script In 10 Weeks, but these vids are a handy way to discuss advice in an easy and bitesize manner.…... Read more

Write A Script In 10 Weeks

If you subscribe to the UK Scriptwriters newsletter, you will have noticed I did a series of articles about how to write a script in 10 weeks. This proved very popular so me and Tim packaged it together into a handy guide that you can buy and keep. It’s OUT NOW on Amazon, the perfect…... Read more

What’s Your Screenwriting Budget?

As a new or freelance writer, how much money should you actually spend on yourself to stay connected, develop your craft, and increase your overall productivity? In other words, what’s your annual screenwriting budget? Let’s crunch some numbers. SUBSCRIPTIONS OK, let’s assume you already have screenwriting software and a computer, the basics. The first thing…... Read more

Top 3 Tips For Loglines

What’s a logline and how do you write a really good one that will help you not just when you’ve finished a script but when you’re developing your idea in the first place? Check out these top 3 tips in the quick vid! Or read the blog text underneath.   LOGLINES! Let’s talk loglines! A…... Read more

Writing Videos

I’ve been tinkering with some quick-hit writing videos, trying to make them condensed & to-the-point so that hopefully they provide some use across your various and busy social media feeds. You may have seen my inaugural video (top 5 tips for the 1st ten pages of your scripts), but I’ve done two since: Screenwriting Career…... Read more

12th Blogoversary

Well now, the blog’s 12 years old. But I’m still young of course, haven’t aged a day, ‘you look amazing, who does your hair’, I’ll never tell. A lot’s happened over the years, most of which I’ve chronicled on the blog, from an industry script reader making the transition as a new writer, to getting…... Read more
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