Chris Chibnall Interview!

Here’s a very special UK Scriptwriters podcast where we talk to Chris Chibnall at length about his career, from starting out to writing on some of UK telly’s top shows, and of course writing/creating Broadchurch. It’s a 90min+ bumper interview so here are the topic timings (below) to help you break down the listen. Whatever way you break it down, it’s a MUST LISTEN!

02:00 – Broadchurch was my first ever spec script
14:00 – Landing a 4 season TV series early on
22:00 – My first ‘short’ and how it happened. Watch it here – https://youtu.be/g4TDDLylSws
31:00 – Changing fortunes of TV and moving between genres
43:00 – Life on Mars and Torchwood
54:00 – Law and Order
1:01:00 – Broadchurch
1:11:00 – Broadchurch Series 2
1:21:00 – Broadchurch Series 3!
1:23:00 – Structure and craft

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