Countdown to London Film Festival

The world premiere of Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? at the London Film Festival is less than a week away! I’ve obviously known about the premiere for a while but it’s only now that it’s beginning to sink in. Our silly little kids’ film made on a microbudget (last autumn!) is going to stand alongside the best of world cinema!

It’s a giddy notion, and something I entertained as a fleeting fancy while we were in production, never believing that we’d be ready in time for the festival or indeed be chosen. I’ve blogged all about how we made the film, but if you want to listen to me talk through the process then you can listen to the latest Britflicks podcast for a thorough breakdown.

At the London Film Festival, we’re on right before Studio Ghibli’s latest film, a cheeky lunchtime matinee, so if you’re around and you fancy coming along, there’s still a few tickets left. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and Nelson Nutmeg himself is going to make an appearance beforehand, so there should be time for some photos and hijinks.

I imagine it’s all going to whiz by in a blur so if you are coming and we don’t get a chance to say hello: THANK YOU for your support, it really means a lot. On the day, I might try to do a Periscope or something funky on social media to make it a bit more interesting. Coo, should be a laugh!

Right then, where’s me best suit?

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