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I am passionate about the world of screenwriting and sharing information, especially if it helps others avoid the pitfalls and traps of our industry. I know all too well what it’s like as a new writer starting out, so I decided to share my knowledge as much as possible – every little bit helps.

  • With Tim Clague we provide the only screenwriting podcast in the UK – by screenwriters for screenwriters!
  • Below I’ve collated a collection of blogs, documents and links that I wish somebody provided when I was starting out on this career path.
  • And finally, I offer a script reading service. Though, please note, there is a charge for this service.

I’ve been there, done that and made the mistakes. I hope all this information helps and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Ten Steps to being a Professional Screenwriter

 Want to start and sustain a screenwriting career? These ten steps will help you on your way. Ten Steps on how to be a Professional Screenwriter (PDF download) 

Script Reading in the UK: The Complete Guide

How to be a script reader. What the process is really like, and how readers assess scripts, plus two sample script reports. Script Reading In The UK: The Complete Guide (PDF download) 

Scriptwriting in the UK: Q&A series

 Q&As with writers & directors from the UK, including Tony Jordan (Hustle), Ashley Pharoah (Life on Mars), Toby Finlay (Dorian Gray) and James Watkins (Eden Lake). Scriptwriting In The UK: Q&A Series (PDF download) 

Film Funding in the UK

Screenwriting Bullet Series

THE BLOG ARCHIVES – The Best of the Blog

Pick a year below to view some of the highlights from the blog for that year.

First Ten Pages: How To Jump Start Your Script (with reference to BBC’s Line of Duty)
How To Be Your Own Agent, Even If You Already Have One
How Do You Become A Screenwriter? (Six Steps!)
What Makes A Good Inciting Incident?
First Ten Pages: Flashback Intro (with reference to BBC’s In The Flesh)
10 Tips For Making Short Films (once you’re in production)
Narrative Point-Of-View In A Scene (with ref to Ryan Gosling’s film, Drive)

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    […] Read all the free stuff ( on my blog and if that doesn’t cover everything, buy my […]

    […] Read all the free stuff ( on my blog and if that doesn’t cover everything, buy my […]