Future TX begins

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog for a while but that’s because Tim and I have started filming a new live-action family film. It’s an exciting sci-fi adventure called Future TX about two kids who get their first mobile phones but they receive a call from someone who says he’s from the future and he needs their help if the world is to survive. Can the kids trust him? Can they survive today? More importantly, can they save tomorrow? After all, the future depends on them!

We’re naturally thrilled to get our second feature film underway (after our debut Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?), and we’ve teamed up with our friends at Templeheart Films who are keen to support original live-action family films. For more info and updates, check out the official Future TX websiteAnd I’ll share as much as I can here as well – anything from useful script nuggets to production insights, and how it affects story choices.

In other family film news, another exciting sci-fi adventure is out now. It’s called 2:Hrs about a teenager who finds out he only has 2 hours to live (via a new scientific invention) so he decides to make the most of it. But the press and scientists are hot on his heels, desperate to ensure that the invention’s prediction comes true. It’s written by Roland Moore, produced by Andromeda Godfrey and Diana J DeBenedetti, and directed by James Newton. We know these guys well, so it was an easy decision for Tim and I to support the film from an early stage – all part of our remit to make/promote original live-action family films. Check out the official website for more info.

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