London Film Festival launch breakdown

Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is going to have its world premiere at this year’s London Film Festival! We’re absolutely thrilled to be selected for such a prestigious festival, and last Tuesday I headed to London for the official launch. Here’s how it went down:

6:30am Up and at ’em!

7:20am On the train to London. As it chugs along, I write an article about Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg. The article is for a well-known entertainment site, with the prospect/hope of them putting it online.

9:25am Arrive in London. Hightail it to the tube. Make the mistake of getting the Bakerloo Line instead of the Northern (Northern would have taken me directly to Leicester Square. Bakerloo takes me to Piccadilly Circus; not a disaster but slightly further away and I’m kinda late already).

9:44am Arrive at Odeon Leicester Square. It’s quite busy, like there’s a massive press launch going on or something. I queue at the ‘Filmmakers Point’, get ticked on a list, and I’m ushered through for a photocall with the other directors. Here it is, below, you can play ‘where’s the Irish wally?’

10:00am Clare Stewart of the BFI does a detailed presentation of the films appearing at this year’s festival. The cinema is full, and stays full for the entirety of the presentation. The headline films look and sound great, although I’m guessing they don’t have any fart jokes, so like, whatevs. In a rush of unjustified excitement, I fantasise about Nelson Nutmeg being nominated for something, then realise the Family section is out of competition. Gah, DENIED! But then Clare snaps me out of my reverie when she says our film’s name, and there’s a great big photo on the screen. There, that’s us! THIS IS REAL.

11:00am ish, Clare wraps up, and it’s back up to the press area for interviews. I don’t expect anyone to approach me (honestly) as Louis Theroux is there, as is Terence Davies, and John Crowley, but Stuart Arnott from the BFI press steps up: ‘hey, I supported your Kickstarter, let’s do an interview!’ Mr Arnott, you legend. I’m then collared by the PR lady, and pushed forward for another interview with Premiere Scene. You can watch me nervously trying to put words into sentences below.

12:00pm The lovely PR lady tells me that the interviews are now wrapping up, which is a polite way of saying ‘no-one else wants to interview you, you family film nerd’. But I’m still excited and happy, so I toddle off to the nearest cafe to catch up on how the internet is on fire with the Nutmeg news. When I log on, there’s definitely some kindlings of interest, which is pleasing.

1:30pm I’m starving. But I need the loo first, so I walk around Soho trying to find the nearest one. In my haste, I walk by Mark Kermode, the well-known film critic. I fail to stop and say hello. This is my second ‘Mark Kermode fail’ as he was on the same train carriage as me a few months ago, but I piked out of saying hello. NEXT TIME, KERMODE!

1:45pm Wolf down a chicken curry in Wasabi.

2:00pm Park myself in Costa to catch up with the internet which is now ablaze with Nutmeg excitement. OK, not really, but still a good amount of activity. BBC News website!

4:00pm Meet my agent, Jean Kitson, for a homemade raspberry lemonade and peppermint tea. Darling, if you’re going to have a meeting with your agent in Soho, you gotta do it in style. We also have a good natter.

6:00pm Sneak in a pint of Guinness in the Toucan, a tiny Irish pub in the centre of Soho, one of my old haunts, but regrettably, the pint is disappointing, 6/10, which might be good enough for tourists but not me, no sir. I’M A VERY IMPORTANT FILMMAKER NOW.

6:30pm Meet a few other writers/filmmakers for a networking shindig, which topped the day off nicely, especially as I bump into the producers of 2:Hrs, the next live-action UK family film that’s currently in production (and me & Tim are helping with)!

9:35pm Buy some sushi from M&S. This filmmaking lark is clearly going to my head. Get the train from Waterloo back to Bournemouth. Scour the day’s social media over dodgy internet service.

11:50pm Home!

A primetime train trip to London can be VERY expensive so I did consider NOT attending the launch of the festival, but I thought ‘we may never get this opportunity again’, so I went, sod it, while Tim manned the press fort from his studio, and did radio interviews and wotnot.

It was a fun day, we’re giddy with excitement that our film is in the festival, and we can’t wait until Saturday 10th October for the premiere – see you there! Tickets go on sale on Thursday 17th September.

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