Nelson Nutmeg: Kickstarter Tips

We did it! 112% funded. 266 Nutmeggers. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE who got behind us, it really means a lot.

As the run of Kickstarter is still fresh in my mind, I thought it would be useful to jot down some pointers and stuff wot I learnt whilst annoying everyone maintaining a Kickstarter campaign. This advice will no doubt chime with a lot of ‘top tips for Kickstarter’ you’ll find around the internetwebzone. For those who missed our Kickstarter but still want to support the film, all the rewards are available HERE.

1. Start Early

Don’t just launch your Kickstarter. Tell people you’re doing a Kickstarter a month or two in advance. We started telling people around a month beforehand, and even did Countdown To Kickstarter videos. The reason for pre-publicity is fairly obvious as you want people to be aware of what you’re doing and even start to anticipate what’s next. We also did little teaser videos of children talking about the film, which was a neat by-product of some auditions we did.

2. Do A Good Kickstarter Video

Whether it’s just you in your office or something more fancy, make sure you do a video with (a) good sound and (b) intercut with some interesting/pertinent visuals of what you’re doing. Our Kickstarter video took two days to make inclusive of editing as Tim’s such a whiz: one day on location (my first walk and talk to camera, I was so proud!) with a crew of three (sound, two camera ops), and the other day in Tim’s studio with just a cameraman. It turned out pretty OK! I think it could have been shorter but it does the job. Kickstarter stats tell us that it got 1,237 plays with 30% of plays completed.

3. Social Media Blitz

This is probably the most important aspect of any Kickstarter campaign. Spreading the word, fanning the flames of publicity and awareness. Use every social media platform you have: Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs etc. Twitter and Facebook are obviously popular spots but LinkedIn and Google+ are quite busy, too. BE ON IT, don’t let up for one second. Some people may mute, unsubscribe or complain but it doesn’t matter because only around 5% of your social network are seeing your tweets/messages anyway. You’ve got to hit it hard, constantly. We thought around 150 backers would see us through. We were wrong. So we had to keep plugging away to build the backers & reach our Kickstarter target.

One good Twitter tip: go through your follower list (i.e. people YOU follow, not who follow you), and tweet people you know personally and tell them about your Kickstarter. By all means tweet anyone and everyone but I found the more personal I knew the person, the better the result in terms of getting them to promote or pledge. Direct messages are also good but again, use wisely rather than just blatantly DM someone you otherwise ignore.

Try to be fun, interactive or interesting with your tweets/messages, especially if you have other content to link to other than just your Kickstarter video. Which brings me to my next point –

4. Extra Content & PR

Blogs, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, and the like. This is really helpful during your Kickstarter campaign as it adds context and builds more interest. We did quite a bit of behind-the-scenes videos and blogs but in truth, we didn’t go wide enough (or we could have gone bigger). One PR exec actually gave out to me for not thinking nationally enough, and she was right.

Our entire behind-the-scenes content can be accessed HERE.

So there you have it, 4 quick tips for Kickstarter which might be of interest should you be thinking of doing something similar. We’re off to make the film now as pre-production comes to a close and we move into the dizzy excitement of production.

Stay tuned for updates or sign up to the website!

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