Nelson Nutmeg: 5 Nutty Facts!

The live Kickstarter campaign for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg is coming to a close in 46 hours (at time of press). By the time you read this, it may only have minutes left, so I thought I’d do a blog post now to give you a little heads up on how NUTTILY AWESOME THIS PROJECT IS, AND WHY YOU SHOULD SUPPORT IT!

It’s a kids’ film, for kids, with kids in the lead roles! A lot of family films have adults or heroic teens as the protagonists. That’s great, but what about the younger kids, 6-12 year olds? Where are they? And what about live-action films? What can the younger audience go to see between Postman Pat and The Transformers? We think Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg bridges that gap, plus it’s live-action, bringing back the glory days of the 70s & 80s when Children’s Media Foundation and The Goonies were in full flight.

The project is co-written, co-produced and co-directed by me and the original nutcase Tim Clague. Tim’s a BAFTA-nominated writer for a kids’ short film he did with Stephen Daldry. I’ve just written for the new Thunderbirds, and have written for Octonauts, Roy, and more. Tim’s produced & directed a squillion short films. I’ve read & critiqued a jerbillion scripts, and won a writing/directing award for one of my own short films. Tim’s filmmaking skill and expertise combined with my story nous means we make a great team of writing/directing nuttiness.

The industry is crying out for a kids’ film like Nutmeg! Nigel Cole (director of Calendar Girls etc) loved the script so much, he’s on board as mentor/exec. Chris Jarvis (CBBC) is also a huge fan, and is keen to help out. Lucinda Whiteley, writer/producer of Horrid Henry, has given us the thumbs up from the start, dispensing invaluable advice as we go. Jocelyn Stevenson, writer of Moshi Monsters film, is also a proud Nutmegger, and James Cary (Bluestone 42) is providing expert comedy script analysis. Even those inside the industry like Justin Johnson from the BFI are all dying to find out Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg!

The Kickstarter campaign has 248 backers so far – or Nutmeggers as we like to call them. 248! And most of these people we don’t even know. They all want to see quality kids’ entertainment for the younger kid crowd.

We’re shooting the film entirely locally to us in Dorset, using local cast, crew, locations, the works! We’ve got a lot to be proud about in this area, and the filmmaking community is second to none, so we want to do something that further puts Dorset on the cinematic map.

We start shooting towards the end of August so we’re in the thick of pre-production now. If there’s still time, do pledge and support us so we can make the best film we possibly can! Let’s get this film made!


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