Nelson Nutmeg: Script to Screen

Our Kickstarter campaign for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is now live! Check out the video below, and support us if you can. And further down the post, I outline everything we’ve done up until this point to develop the idea.

Tim and I are joining forces to co-write & co-direct (Coen Bros style!) as we feel it’s the best use of our resources and network to actually get a feature film in the can.

The project’s been up and running for a few months in pre-pre-production but is now kicking into gear as logistics start to take shape. Naturally I’ll be blogging, updating, tweeting, Facebooking, wafting smoke signals and sending carrier pigeons everywhere I go so that you don’t miss a thing but here’s what we’ve been doing so far:

– we brainstormed about 6 ideas, and then chose one to develop for the film.
– we worked out a basic structure, a tight five-act breakdown.
– we rallied a local team of fantastic people to help us on our nutty adventure.

– we wrote a treatment.
– we wrote a detailed beat sheet/scene-by-scene.
– we wrote a 1st draft script.
– we networked with people in the kids’ TV & film biz, via people we knew or could reach out to, and attended a couple of BAFTA Children’s events, picking up some top tips.
– we went to the BVE, particularly on the lookout for a Blackmagic 4k camera, a decent rig and the relevant post-production hardware.
– we bought a Blackmagic 4k camera. Tim is beside himself with excitement.
– we started rewriting the script, getting it in tip top shape so we can start sending it to people to read.

– we scouted locations along the stunning Dorset coast, where the bulk of the film is set.
– we visited local theatre schools to initiate the casting process and check out the local talent.

And that’s where we’re at. Much more to come. Please do LIKE the Facebook page and follow the dedicated Twitter feed. We’re going to fund the film ourselves but we need some finances to fill in the gaps, hence our Kickstarter campaign. I hope you can help us share the Nelson Nutmeg adventure, and join in the fun. It’s been a blast so far, and we’re only just starting! 🙂

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