Nelson Nutmeg update!

Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? is a live-action family film I’ve written, produced & directed with Tim Clague (that’s us in the photo above, giddily excited at meeting Nelson Nutmeg for the very first time!). We did a Kickstarter, pooled all our resources, begged and borrowed, and got the film in the can by late summer last year. Since then, we’ve been busy with post-production: the edit, sound design/FX and original music, and it’s all coming together nicely! This LINK details the whole production process so far if you wanted to check it out.

As we were going through some footage recently, we found this message (below) from our main star of the film Bonnie Wright. It’s a special message to the kids who starred alongside her in Nelson Nutmeg (and it’s the kids in the lead roles, really!). Who better than someone who grew up on the Harry Potter films sets to give advice to the next generation of child actors. Thanks Bonnie!

We’ve just about got a full rough cut of the film so now we begin finalising all the post-production elements into the online mix, and then start getting the film properly out there for your eyeball entertainment. WE’VE VERY EXCITED! You can find us on Facebook HERE or follow the film on Twitter HERE.

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