New Dramatists’ Club

After about six months without an agent (my previous agent having retired!), I signed with Jean Kitson Management earlier this year.

Jean’s great, full of passion and enthusiasm for writers, especially new writers. So much so, she’s launched a New Dramatists’ Club, a training seminar and script initiative to help new writers. Four writers will be selected to work with experienced script editors to develop a new script over four months. They will also have meetings with two drama development producers at TV production companies, and their final script will be read by Kitson Management who will have the first option to offer representation.

It really is a great scheme, and I’m more than happy to help out, so I’ll be involved with the seminar, revealing the ins and outs of what it’s like as a working writer. There is a fee to attend the seminar, and a small entry fee for the script initiative, but these are offered on a subsidised rate thanks to some funding from Creative Skillset. You also have the option of just entering the script initiative if you want, which is only £10. Not bad at all! 🙂

Full details and how to book your ticket are HERE.

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