Script Reading/Consultancy


If you would like me to evaluate your script, I provide honest and constructive feedback in the form of detailed script notes. My rates are:

£250 for feature scripts (up to 120 pages)

£200 for 1 hour TV scripts (up to 70 pages)

£150 for half hour scripts (up to 35 pages)

* NEW * £50 for 1st ten pages of your script. A thorough analysis of your first ten pages, what works, what doesn’t and why, and how to make it really stand out.

My notes are usually ready within a two week turnaround upon receipt of payment. Please email me to book, or find out more.

**NEW** PROOFREADING/COPY EDITING your script or manuscript. Please email me for details.

Relevant experience, as a reader: former full-time script reader for companies such as Working Title, Pathe, Miramax, Tiger Aspect, UK Film Council, Irish Film Board, amongst others. Red Planet Prize co-founder and judge.

Relevant experience, as a writer: winner BBC New Writing Award 2004, TV writer (EastEnders, Thunderbirds Are Go! etc), award-winning short filmmaker, top 10 of BBC writersroom Drama submissions in 2014 (out of 2900 scripts), produced feature film writer.

See the Experience tab on the left sidebar for full details.


If you have concerns about copyright regarding sending your script to me (or any third party), don’t worry. The author of a script holds automatic copyright in the UK which means: if you wrote it, then the copyright belongs to you. The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain explains copyright here.

I receive a great many submissions (and have read thousands of scripts over the years), and similarities of subject matter sometimes occur. No idea is truly unique, what matters is ‘expression of the idea’, i.e. the story.  I independently develop my own scripts and programme ideas, and any similarity to a submitted script or other material is entirely coincidental. I can’t undertake to compensate you if material similar to yours (directly submitted to me or received coincidentally from another source), is subsequently commissioned or produced.

Credits / Experience

I have read and critiqued thousands of scripts, and script edited a range of films and genres, from award-winning shorts, animation, children’s, sci-fi, drama, comedy, horror, biopics etc. I also assess entries for Tony Jordan’s Red Planet Prize, which is an annual screenwriting initiative I helped set up to find new writers. From this, I’ve gained valuable insights about the ‘first ten pages’ of a script, and TV spec scripts. In 2014, I reached the top 10 of the BBC writersroom Drama submissions (out of 2900 scripts), and wrote a production rewrite on the upcoming Lego Friends movie for M2 Entertainment as well as co-writing/producing/directing the live-action children’s film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?


“Danny gave me some excellent notes for my feature The Man Inside. He took the time and care to understand the script fully and my vision that I had for it. He was at his most helpful when pushing me to expand and develop ideas and he drove me closer and closer to my final vision. It was if he were focusing my brain and the page closer together, until the story I wanted to tell had fully formed.” Dan Turner, filmmaker.

“Whenever I finish a new script, I know it’s not ready to send out until it’s got some of the Stack Attack action”. Tim Clague, filmmaker.

“Danny read the script for my graduation film ‘Echoes‘ and his comments led me to completely rethink the 3rd act of my script. The resulting film then bagged me representation at United Agents and it has since won several awards in the UK and US. I think it would be an understatement to say that I benefited from Danny’s script feedback! I always go to him for advice when I’m struggling with a script and he always delivers.” Rob Brown, filmmaker.

“Danny was brilliant at making us concentrate on the dramatic through line of our screenplay. He treated us with respect and sensitivity and yet gave us the confidence to challenge, change and improve”. Lea Sellers & Yvonne Potter, writers.

“Danny is a screenplay nurse, smiling encouragingly while giving your script the enema that it needs”. Rob Milner, writer.

“A man of great structure, character, and dialogue.” Sam Morrison, writer/director.

“Really helped me to get my script to where I wanted it to be.” Andy Marsh, filmmaker.

“As a script reader Danny Stack is fair, thoughtful and thorough – which is far more use than a thoughtful thoroughfare. Two thumbs up!” David Bishop, writer for Doctors on BBC1.