Red Planet Prize 2nd round

I’ll blog in more detail about this year’s Red Planet Prize at a later date but everyone should have heard about their script and whether it through to the next stage. We had around 1300 entries this year and we had a slightly different set-up so we went through a longlist of ten pages TWICE to whittle them down to a shorter list of scripts for full read. This meant we were extra thorough and HARD AS NAILS as to what went through, and why.

So if there was a moment that lagged or confused or was weak (or threw the reader for whatever reason), then it was out. This meant a lot of tough and subjective decisions were made. To some, that might seem too harsh but dem’s the brakes. I am certain that a lot of the scripts that DIDN’T get chosen will go on to do well for the writers. Whatever the case, the process just goes to further underline the importance of the 1st ten pages, and to get them as watertight as possible. And then after that, having a full 60minutes of equally watertight script. Pish, easy! 😉

If you’re feeling particularly stung by not getting through, then read this post from the 2nd round cull last time around. TL;DR? Don’t let a competition refusal sway you in your efforts. If you want to write, keep writing. Be unstoppable.

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