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Tickets for The Working Writer sold out so we’ve ADDED 2 EXTRA PLACES if anyone else wants to snap up a ticket. The course takes place in the Lighthouse Poole on Sun 23rd February but we’re keeping places limited so that we have a nice contained group, full of sharing and interaction.
Danny Stack speaking at London Screenwriters Festival
I’m VERY EXCITED as it’s my first ever course bespoke to me and my experiences (instead of being asked to host a course or workshop for other people which is usually the way). I’m going to share what it’s like making a living as a screenwriter, the practical nuts and bolts that I think everyone should know, and my own personal ups and downs of my career so far. If that isn’t enough to entice you along, then here’s a broad overview of what’s going to be covered on the day (NB: free notes/handouts available at the end of the course):


Essential resources you should be aware of & using
Knowledge is power: getting to know who’s who & keeping on top of industry info & how to use to your advantage
Existing opportunities, where?
Sourcing opportunities, how?
Making opportunities, wuh?
First impressions count: making a good approach, email, phone & in person

What’s your USP?
Using your USP to good effect
Having an online presence, Dos and Don’ts
Making the internet work for you
Screenwriting competitions, tips & insights
Becoming a Writer-Hyphenate
Getting an agent
What to expect when you have an agent

Money money money! The importance of revenue streams & how to create them
How much you’ll get paid (or not), from radio, TV commission, feature scripts etc
Getting ahead of the pitching process, from emailing documents to being invited to the writers’ room
How the 3-act structure will earn you money
Focusing on practical goals and objectives
The long-term plan

The £13 discount is still available (£72 instead of £85) so get your ticket by quoting SCREENWRITING on the phone or over the counter (not available when booking online).


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