Time To Write

TIME TO WRITE is a new writing course from writer/director Danny Stack. It’s designed specifically to give you the structure and focus in your busy schedule to achieve your writing goals. In other words, it’s a course that’s less TALKING about writing and more about getting pages DONE.

The course favours screenwriting, but it would help anyone who’s got a pet project (books/play etc) that they’d like to focus on. In addition, every week a participating writer will get an hour’s one-on-one time with Danny to discuss and/or troubleshoot their story. The writing takes place at Treehouse Digital’s newly designed loft space (in Bournemouth) from 6-9pm every Tuesday, with 7-9pm being the dedicated writing time. Mini-deadlines and writing goals for the evening are encouraged (‘I’m going to write 3 scenes by 9pm’). At the end of the session, there’s an optional debrief of the evening’s work (a free drink!). It’s the ideal writers’ group: friendly and constructive whilst also getting some work done. No more procrastination, it’s time to write.

Evening schedule:

6pm: Danny highlights a writing craft topic. Writers share their writing goal for the evening, and/or can start writing immediately if they so wish.

7pm-9pm: Time to write (Danny has one-to-one with a writer for an hour).

9pm-10pm: Drink debrief (free!).

Starts: Tuesday 9th October 2018 for ten weeks, ends Tuesday 11th December.

Cost: £200. Inaugural price of £175. Maximum 15 people per course. Minimum 10 people. Email danny@dannystack.com for more details and how to book your place.

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