Time To Write

TIME TO WRITE is a new writing course from writer/director Danny Stack. It’s designed specifically to give you the structure and focus in your busy schedule to achieve your writing goals. In other words, it’s a course that’s less TALKING about writing and more about getting pages DONE.

The course favours screenwriting but it would help anyone who’s got a project (books/play etc) that they’d like to focus on. In addition, every week a participating writer will get an hour’s one-on-one time with Danny to discuss and/or troubleshoot their story. The writing takes place at Treehouse Digital’s newly designed loft space (in Bournemouth) from 6-9pm every Tuesday, with 7-9pm being the dedicated writing time. Mini-deadlines and writing goals are encouraged (‘I’m going to write 3 pages by 9pm’). At the end of the session, there’s an optional debrief of the evening’s work (a free drink!). It’s the ideal writers’ group: friendly and constructive whilst also getting some work done. No more procrastination, it’s time to write.

Evening schedule:

6pm: Danny highlights a writing craft topic and/or shares industry insight. Writers choose their writing goal for the evening.

7pm-9pm: Time to write (Danny has one-to-one with a writer for an hour, two writers across the evening when necessary).

9pm-10pm: Drink debrief (free!).

Starts: Next course early 2019, TBC, for ten weeks.

Cost: £200. Maximum 15 people per course. Minimum 10 people.

Just want time to write, no chat? No problem, just turn up for the two hour writing time over the ten weeks. Cost: £175 

Email danny@dannystack.com for more details and how to book your place.

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