Turning It Up To Eleven

The blog is eleven years old! I started way back in August 2005, and though blogging doesn’t seem as popular as it was in the heyday of the mid-late 00s, it’s still a meatier and more enjoyable way to pass the time online.

Still, there seems to be a helluva lot more screenwriting noise demanding your attention than there ever was before. I started to wonder if this blog was still useful or relevant (to me, to you). An interesting personal shift was doing less script reading/editing and getting my hands dirtier as a writer. Back in 2005, the blog started as crisp and cool insights from a script reader’s perspective. As I got more involved in writing (especially TV), I realised how big the difference was between able to offer obvious screenplay critique versus the real challenges (or practicalities) that a writer faces.

Ironically, the more writing I do, the less qualified I feel to offer insights or advice as I previously did on some blog posts. I’ve always tried to keep posts relevant to my own personal experience rather than follow the standard screenwriting advice you read elsewhere, but I try to apply that now even more so nowadays. So bear with bear with as the blog undergoes some key transitions or career high/low evolution. As always, feel free to get in touch with any questions or observations. If you’ve missed anything on my site/blog before, the homepage has all the links you need. Without this blog, I probably wouldn’t have started the Red Planet Prize, UK Scriptwriter’s Podcast/Survival Handbook or even got to make Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg; all of which I’m very grateful for.

I changed over to WordPress from Blogger a couple of years ago, and while the change has been better, there’s been a lot more bugs and spam issues with WordPress. To prevent blog subscribers from receiving spam post notifications,  I’ve cancelled my Feedblitz feed. I’ve moved over to a Mail Chimp newsletter which I’ll update/send every month with a round-up of the blog’s activity plus there’ll be exclusive content and news on anything interesting I’m doing. If you’d like to sign up for that, follow THIS LINK.

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