UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Wildseed Studios

In this month’s podcast, Tim chats to Jesse Cleverly, one of the top bods at Wildseed Studios, a relatively new outfit that’s dedicated to giving you £10k to develop and produce your creative project. Check out Wildseed Studios’ website for more details, and of course, listen to the podcast below.

Tim and I are hard at work with Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? – developing the script, gathering the cast & crew, confirming the location, and getting our crowdfunding campaign ready to go. Our Kickstarter will launch in mid-June. Are you ready? Are we ready? Tim doesn’t look ready in the video below. WE’LL BE READY! For you die-hard Nutmeggers, there’s lots of photos, updates, videos and corny jokes on the film’s dedicated Facebook page.

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