UK Scriptwriters Survival Guide

In the latest UK Scriptwriters podcast, we talk about our upcoming UK Scriptwriters Survival Guide. It’s a new book (coming soon) that we’ve compiled from our years of blogging, podcasts, meetings, conferences and overall experience – a definitive list of what you can do to start earning money as a writer, and how to maintain a career. The podcast goes through these details so you can get a head start!

In personal work news, I wrote a handful of episodes for Hey Duggee, a funny, sweet and new Cbeebies show which started recently.

I wrote these last year, pre-Nutmeg, but the series is the brainchild of Grant Orchard along with the equally genius-minded folk at Studio AKA. You can catch up on Hey Duggee on the iPlayer or watch four of my episodes below (there will be six in total)!

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