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UK Scriptwriter’s Survival Handbook, Kindle version!

Tim Clague and I have written the UK Scriptwriter’s Survival Handbook, which has a load of practical tips on how you can get ahead in the world of scriptwriting (and the freelancing life in general).

It’s all based on our experiences as writers/directors over the last 10 years. The book doesn’t tell you how to write or encourage you to follow your dreams. Instead, it tells you how to SURVIVE as a writer using sound, practical – and actionable – advice. We even highlight some mistakes we’ve made along the way (and how we’ve learned from them).

We launched the book before Christmas on paperback but due to popular demand, we’ve just released the Kindle version. You can buy either version by following the Amazon link. We think it’s a worthwhile book, full of nuts and bolts advice, plus a foreword from TV writing/producing legend Tony Jordan. Check it out!

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