Last year, I blogged about ‘a writer’s fitness regime’ in where I broke down some simple steps you could take on the road to fitness. I started taking these steps myself around 2007 (after years of back trouble) and I’ve gradually worked my way towards respectable form again.

For me it’s all about fitness, not physique. So forget six packs, abs and all of that body posing, and think instead: health, well-being and eat what you want.

However, I do find regular exercise a vital part of my routine now, not just for fitness but for positive mental health, too, which in turn gives me confidence with my writing and my general outlook.

So I’ve started a ‘writercise’ account on Instagram where you can see my daily exercise efforts. It’s all a bit of fun and helps me to stay motivated, but maybe it could spur you on to try some exercise yourself. It’s only going to do you good, irrespective of weight or writing goals. (I’m also posting quick videos on my YouTube account, should you want an extra giggle.)

See you on Instagram!

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